Handmade USA New and Repurposed Sophisticated Affordable Jewelry with working women in mind.

I am a woman of faith. God has given me the talents that I use and I give him all credit.

Jim my husband of 30 years and I are both retired. He carves/paints duck decoys and other waterfowl in his part of our shop and I have the other side for jewelry making.

We have a black lab. Rider. His full name is "Third Rider to the Shore." We have a home in Virginia Beach, Va. and our retirement home is on the Eastern Shore. He is the third passenger as we travel back-and-forth. Rider helps me keep things in perspective, with his nose or tail 100's of beads can be on the floor in seconds. With me on the floor fun times begin: I am soon laughing as we both "retrieve" the rolling beads.

I am a self taught artisan, it has always been easier for me to make something vs trying to buy what I have in mind to go with an outfit . I love to repurpose old broken pieces of jewelry to make them new/different to have another chance to make someone happy again. Because I love of making jewelry I would give necklaces, earrings and bracelets to everyone. (I just wanted to make more). I started having home parties, then doing bazaars, and now some of my jewelry is displayed in gift shops in the Virginia Beach area.

Please take a minute now to look at my shop. Most everything I hand make can be personalized, to fit your needs. Length in a necklace can be adjusted or earrings from dangle to posts whatever is needed to make it perfect just for you.

As Always.....

~~Jewelry Your Way~~

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